• Partners

    Milnor -Washer

    Pellerin Milnor Corporation is a leading commercial and industrial laundry equipment manufacturer. Their products,covering an extensive range of wash/dry capabilities,include washer-extractors from 11 to 317kg capacity,automated tunnel washing systems for processing 3,175 kg per hour or more,denim processing machinery,dryers,materials handling systems,and laundry computer networks.These machines are used for a wide range of applications--from on-premises laundries to large linen and industrial rental plants,to apparel processing plants,to coin/vended laundries.
    Milnor products are backed by extensive engineering and manufacturing capabilities,plus unmatched product support.

    Website: www.milnor.com

    Chicago - Flatwork Equipment

    Chicago specializes in designing and building commercial laundry finishing systems to separate, feed, dry, iron, and fold washed sheets, pillowcases and table linen, as well as folding tumble dried towels, blankets, patient gowns, scrubs and specialty items. Our 125 years of experience, knowledge, dedication, and factory creativity are supported by local technical expertise. Product innovation, quality, and tradition are powerful reasons to choose Chicago as your single source for flatwork finishing solutions.  

    Website: www.chidry.com

    Multimatic - Dry-cleaning Machines

    The Multimatic dry-cleaning machine is built with excellent stainless steel and highest quality materials, which gains Multimatic the reputation of being innovators of advanced technology and popular worldwide.  Multimatic specializes in designing and building safe and effective, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly dry-cleaning machines. It can process the most delicate fabric while also retaining the ability to handle heavily soiled garments and leather. Multimatic offers a complete range of models, including perc solvent, hydrocarbon solvent, petroleum solvent and the latest SOLVONK4, in capacities ranging from 9 to 70 kg. The technology incorporated into the design is sophisticated, yet simple. Both the specialty cleaner and general operator will find its ease of operation and simplicity a major advantage over other processing methods.

    Secomatic - Ancillary Products

    Secomatic dry cleaning inherits its standout design and quality from its brother brand, Multimatic, and is based on the latest in German design and engineering.  Secomatic is designed for perc solvent, hydrocarbon solvent and petroleum solvent, in capacities ranging from 6 to 12kg. The high quality and competitively-priced Secomatic dry-cleaning machines are the perfect choice to build up your laundry/dry cleaning business.


    Sankosha Manufacturing Co., Ltd.(Sankosha) was established in November 1979 with a registered capital of 25 million Japanese Yuan, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Sankosha has over 100 employees, manufacturing and selling various kinds of finishing equipment for both washing and dry-cleaning linen or clothes, and full-automatic or semi-automatic packing equipment.
    Chronicle of Events:
    Sankosha was originally known as a dry-cleaner.
    1977: developed the world’s first shirt press.
    1979: established officially.
    1988: the first time to exhibit overseas: Clean UK88.
    1993: entered into North American market by establishing its sales company.
    2011: built its factory in Thailand.
    2013: OEM cooperation with CSM in China (Ajax Pressing Machines).
    2015: established its consulting company in Dalian, China.

    Ajax - Pressing

    Ajax - Pressing Machines Designed for perfection, built with precision: Ajax products are sure to impress. Backed by a sterling warranty, our equipment will give you years of trouble-free performance.

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